Our Values

We focus on skin care and we chose this small area to make sure we do it best. However, as we grow we will bring more products to our shop, but minimalism is a key. All we do is transparent and we make sure to provide you the best quality products that are aligned with our values. If you want to have a look, see our values explained below.

Green circle 100% natural value logo with leaves

Natural - we make sure the products in our store are made from only natural and clean ingredients which meaning you can actually understand


Green circle hand made value logo with green hand

Hand made - we carry small brands that make hand made products. We feel that small manufacturers who make their products by hand add additional value. They are crafted with more care and attention to detail. We also want to support small businesses, because they're doing a great job

Green circle vegan value logo with green heart

Vegan - all the products we carry in our shop are completely vegan

Green circle plastic free value logo with plastic bottle crossed out signPlastic free - we want to limit bad impact on environment and protect our planet. There is already too much plastic waste in the world and we don't want to add to that. That's why products we offer are free from plastic packaging

Green circle zero waste value logo with green recycling triangle

Zero waste - we follow zero waste philosophy, not only in terms of carrying plastic free products but in many different aspects such as packaging. We try to minimise the waste, we only use recyclable materials and we keep it minimalistic

Green circle cruelty free value logo with green bunny

Cruelty free - the products in our store are not tested on animals, they are tested on us! We carry products that we tried and loved ourselves

Green circle palm oil free value logo with palm tree

Palm oil free - products we offer do not contain any palm oil. We feel it is unnecessary, it has bad impact on environment and many brands create great products without it

Green circle sustainable value logo with a small green world icon

Sustainable - we make sure that products we sell come from brands who prioritize protecting the environment  and are made with sustainably sourced ingredients