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All products you can find here are plastic free, palm oil free, cruelty free, made from only natural ingredients, vegan friendly and in addition hand-made only. You don't have to check any products in our store because they all meet those criteria - this is what we do - a guarantee of all those values.


We created All in Harmony to help you shop ethical and eco-friendly products. We know how hard it is to find great products that meet all 'our values'. That is why our mission is to do it for you and offer only products that give that guarantee.

As we are just starting, we focused on providing great quality products with the guaranteed values, while supporting small businesses and local community.

However as we grow, we also want to give back and support environmental charities.

We strongly believe that being transparent and kind to the planet doesn't mean compromising the quality of your life.
And that's what we want to support and share with the world.

Thanks to your support we can make it happen!

All products are All in Harmony approved