How to feel better during autumn?

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Autumn is a beautiful season with colourful leaves and cooler temperatures. However, it quickly changes from beautiful to dark and grey. As the leaves fall, the sun doesn’t shine so often and we start to miss the summer. 

Moreover, rainy days and long evenings can have an impact on our mood and mental health. Although it might feel depressing sometimes, autumn is a great time to relax and slow down. 

We live in a crazy world, where we need to constantly do something. Autumn is a perfect season to start practicing slow life.

So how to feel better during those long and gloomy autumn days?


  1. Body chemistry has a lot to do with your mood. Less sun means less vitamin D, therefore let’s not forget about supplementation and nutritious diet.
  2. Relaxing in a hot aromatic bath when it rains outside is always a good mood lifter. A home spa and taking care of your body will also have a positive impact on your mind.
  3. You can never go wrong with a good film, TV series or a jigsaw puzzle on a long evening
  4. Long evenings are also ideal for inviting friends for a board game night or a movie night.
  5. Make yourself a hot winter tea with slices of orange and cloves, take a blanket and a book that's been waiting for you since the summer.
  6. Autumn is also great for catching up with the long list of books you always wanted to read but never had the time for it.

Although, autumn can be sometimes depressing and if you feel there is something wrong, don’t wait and contact your doctor! But if you just feel bored or in a bad mood because it’s been raining for a week, remember there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself feel better. 

You can use this list or make your own, so you have it when you feel down. And remember, spending a day in a pyjamas and watching TV is ok and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it as that will definitely ruin your mood. So enjoy a hot tea, read a book and relax. Autumn is just the perfect time for it!

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