Top 5 Reasons To Use Natural Skincare Products



There are many reasons to choose natural products. But before we start listing all the benefits, we need to understand what ‘natural’ really means. In our understanding, natural products don’t contain any artificial ingredients, chemicals or toxins and are made from earth-sourced ingredients only. 

There are multiple reasons why natural products are better. We think these top five reasons will make you swap to natural skincare products.

1. Safe for you and the environment 

Free from toxins and harmful ingredients, natural products are safe for people and the environment. Synthetic cosmetics often contain parabens that are among the most dangerous preservatives.

When compared to synthetic skincare products, natural skincare products are much safer.

Skincare products that we apply directly onto the skin get absorbed into our bloodstream. Therefore, if we use synthetic products, we absorb all the chemicals and put our health in danger. Moreover, the water gets contaminated and it has a destructive effect on the environment. 

Similarly, if we use natural skincare products that are full of beneficial ingredients, it will have a good effect on our skin and overall health. Plus, it will not put the environment in danger.

Many of the synthetic ingredients and chemicals are not fully tested. With little research, we can’t be sure of the impact and health consequences they will have on us in the future.

When choosing natural skincare products you provide your body with healthy nutrients and protect yourself and the earth from destructive chemical ingredients.

2. Smaller risk of allergies and skin irritation 

Certain ingredients in synthetic cosmetics can cause a lot of health problems including allergies, skin redness, swelling or itchiness. For this reason, it’s better to avoid them and swap to natural skincare.

Natural products are made from pure and mild ingredients therefore have a smaller risk of causing allergies and skin irritations.

In comparison to synthetic products, natural cosmetics usually have a shorter list of ingredients, which also reduces the risk of potential health problems.

Since, the ingredients in natural skincare products come from the earth and are purer, they have a milder effect on the skin than synthetic cosmetics. 

Natural components have less risk of causing health problems than artificial ingredients and preservatives which can cause various allergies, hormonal imbalance and tumours.

Look out for parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, propylene glycol, and triclosan, as they have the higher risk of causing health problems.

Overall, it is better to choose cosmetics made of natural ingredients as they are beneficial to the skin and have a smaller risk of allergies and skin irritation.

3. Full of nutrients

Nature is a great source of nutrients and constituents that are beneficial for humans. Products that contain ingredients derived from nature not only have a smaller risk of causing any problems but also enhance our well-being, support our health and can help with many skin conditions.

Instead of artificial colours and fragrances, natural products contain plants and fruit that give a beautiful scent or colour with an additional health benefit. For example, lavender not only smells amazing but also has calming properties and coconut oil or avocado oil hydrates and feeds the skin.

Natural ingredients are full of vitamins and minerals, therefore provide the necessary nutrients for the healthy skin.

4. Good for the environment and animals

Global warming, climate change and pollution are the real issues that people, the environment and animals are facing. Choosing natural products that are made locally and have plastic free packaging can effectively reduce the carbon footprint and the amount of waste being generated.

Sustainably sourced natural cosmetics don’t contain any chemicals and toxins. Synthetic products are full of ingredients that are harmful for the environment and animals. Often packaged in plastic containers, they end up in landfills or oceans, being dangerous to wildlife.

Businesses that manufacture natural skincare products usually focus more on sustainability and animal rights. Many of the popular brands are still testing their products on animals. Buying natural skincare products from small ethical businesses helps them survive and is good for you, the environment, and animals.

5. Transparency 

Knowing and understanding what the product is made of is very important especially in terms of cosmetics. Some of the ‘hard to pronounce’ ingredients are usually synthetically made and can have a bad impact on your skin and overall health.

Products made with natural ingredients only have a clear and usually short list of contents. Familiar sounding names such as argan oil, avocado oil gives the understanding of what the product is and what benefits it has.

Choose natural skincare products!

Choosing natural skincare products is great for you, the earth and animals. Free of harmful ingredients, these cosmetics usually have a short, transparent list of ingredients that have a beneficial effect on your skin. Usually provided by small manufacturers, buying natural and local products supports sustainable businesses and protects the environment. So many reasons to swap to natural skincare!

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