5 Plastic Free Bathroom Swaps


How to reduce plastic in the bathroom?

Bathroom is a place in our home we often need to stock up with products that usually are packaged in plastic. From toothpaste, shower gel, deodorant to shampoo and conditioner. Add to that, all the cleaning products and detergents. Buying a few plastic products a month accumulates to create a lot of waste that will be laying in oceans and landfills for centuries. 

Everything that we decide to buy, makes an impact on the environment. Introducing more sustainable solutions in your household can really make a difference. Always make sure that you read the ingredients and the information on the packaging to make sure the product meets your requirements.

Reducing waste to a minimum would be ideal, but obviously very unrealistic. We believe that the bathroom is a perfect place to start, as it is really easy to either find a sustainable alternative, refillable or multipurpose products. 

If you can afford it, buy from small, local businesses that offer natural and plastic free bathroom products. They are definitely worth it as you limit the amount of waste and help zero waste companies survive. 

You can also make your own body care and cleaning products that are 100% natural for a fraction of the price (a recipe in the article below). Sign up to our newsletter to receive a full ebook of DIY products. 

Plastic free bathroom products UK

There are many alternatives to products that come in a plastic packaging. See examples of products below that are easy swaps you can introduce in your bathroom.

plastic-free-soap-barSoap bar

Choosing a soap bar instead of plastic bottled liquid soap is a very easy way to limit plastic in your bathroom. Soap bars come in plastic free packaging and are 100% natural. A selection of variants are available, from citrusy to floral scents.


Thruthpaste toothpaste comes in a glass jar and is entirely plastic free and natural. Great alternative to traditional toothpaste in a plastic tube. Suitable for a whole family. The selection includes products in a charcoal version,original as well as kids options.

plastic-free-shampoo-barShampoo bar

Plastic free shampoo bar is made of only natural ingredients that are gentle to the scalp. Perfect for travel, this shampoo bar works just as well as liquid shampoo, but is  definitely a more healthy and sustainable option. There are different variants available for fine, oily, curly and normal hair types.

plastic-free-conditioner-barConditioner bar

This alternative to a liquid hair conditioner is an ideal option if you’re looking for a plastic-free, 100% natural, palm oil free product. Fully sustainable, cruelty free conditioner bar is available for different hair types and is a great travel product.

plastic-free-bath-saltBath salt 

If you love to relax and take a bath after a long day and can’t imagine your bathroom without bath salts, these natural salts are a perfect choice for you. Packaged in a glass jar, are also available in a refillable bag, in many fragrances to choose from: vanilla, lavender, grapefruit and more.

How to  make your own bathroom cleaning product?

Multi purpose natural bathroom cleaner recipe:


  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • ½ lemon 
  • 2  tbsp baking soda
  • Spray bottle

Add all ingredients to the spray bottle and shake to combine. 
Your DIY bathroom cleaner is ready to use to clean the bathtub, sink, toilet and the tiles. Very cheap and natural alternative to store-bought cleaners that are full of harmful chemicals.


Let’s summarise, how to reduce plastic in the bathroom?

We always buy this shampoo, that liquid soap and don’t even think about it. We have our favourite scents of those products. Changing your shopping habits might be difficult. However, choosing a soap bar in a paper packaging instead of plastic bottle of liquid soap could be a great first step. Little by little, eliminating plastic from your bathroom will make a huge difference in the amount of waste your household is creating. 

  • Always read the ingredients and information on the packaging of the product
  • Swap to refillable products (shower gel, soap)
  • Buy from sustainable and zero waste shops
  • Swap to plastic free product alternatives
  • Use soap, shampoo and conditioners in a bar form
  • Make your own cleaning products

Remember, nobody’s perfect. If you love your shampoo and want to stick with it, try a soap bar or a natural toothpaste or make your own bathroom cleaner. Every little thing counts!

Hope this article helped you and you will soon make your bathroom plastic free!

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